never soggy

no added chemicals



100% natural


even for hot beverages

Our STRAWS and stirrers are made from the stems of different varieties of wheat and are a by-product of its production.


Wheat is usually grown for its grain, which is converted into flour and other foods. Once the plant reaches maturity and becomes golden yellow, the grain is harvested.


The stems are cut and most often turned into hay for food or animal bedding, or in our case - straws.


We buy wheat from small local producers in Dobrich and Gabrovo. In this way we offer additional income for their harvest.


We manually select the highest quality stems for our straws and then cut them to the length most suitable for most drinks - about 20 cm. No two straws are exactly alike due to the natural deviations in the diameter of the wheat.


Our straws then go through a cleaning process to remove any dirt particles or even insects. No chemicals, coatings or additives are added during the manufacturing process