Out of love. Love towards our work, love of the freedom to make a decision for a change, love for the good choices.


Our team consists of two people, majoured in biotechnology and ecology. Our professional development brought us to places where we met people with a passion for the environment, people who value the good choices, and who work not only for themselves but for a real change. We are so grateful for their impact on us as creators!


This is the reason we created our wheat straws - this has been a brave idea of ours for quite some time for a different product, in which we can put in all that is important for us. And from our point of view, the base for developing a successful business is to have really close relationships with our partners and clients. This is one of the reasons why the wheat producers we get our raw material from, are our close friends from univestiry. We want to always be united with people with brave dreams!

Our next step is to share our work with you!

We handpick the wheat stems of the highest quality and afterwards cut them in different sizes. Our straws are never the same because of the natural difference in the wheat diameter on the field.

After sorting them, they undergo a process of desinfection, in order to ensure the quality, after which they are left to air-dry.

Why did we create slamka?